Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wow! What a week!
Can't believe its Thursday already. 
My youngest daughter Becky who is 6 ended up in hospital on monday eve. 
She had been sick from saturday, I thought she just had a 24 hour bug but when it didn't pass I got her to the GP, who told me she was fine just a virus. A few hours later she was sent to the Children's hospital where they discovered she was very dehydrated and her blood sugar levels were way to low so they admitted her.  To cut a long story short, she was on a drip for a 16 very long hours & started keeping fluids down & her blood sugar came back up to the normal level so she was sent home & she is on the mend thank god! 
Scary to see such a wee thing getting needles stuck in anywhere they could find a vein.
Fingers crossed the remaining blood tests come back clear.

On to my card for this weeks CPS sketch. 
Got my sewing machine out for this one, first time I have sewed  a card, it was fun. I used black again, it's my favorite color. The wee stamp belongs to my daughters I thought it was cute. 

Thanks for looking.



  1. CCCooooooollll! Love it!!, love the colour, stitching everything!!

  2. hope all is well with your daughter Genevieve, im sure you got an awful fright!! thank goodness she is on the mend.
    Your card is just adorable!!! loving the stitching!! and a cutie stamp too :) ♥

  3. Cute card! Love what you did with the ribbon! Great job with CPS 113!


  4. I love the ribbon too! Very cute. And the one below this post is fabulous too...

  5. just poppin in to say hi Genevieve and hope you are doing well hugzz ♥